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Dr Diana R Holdright

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Dr Diana Holdright


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General Medical     
  • BUPA Health Information
          General information on a range of health topics
  • Isabel
          Online symptom checker
  • MedicAlert
          Bracelets, necklaces and watches to communicate your medical information in an emergency
  • Medscape
          US site giving information on medical conditions and medications
  • Netdoctor
          Medical information in plain English
  • NHS Direct
          Health advice and reassurance
  • Online Medical Dictionary
          Comprehensive glossary of medical terms
  • Patient UK
         “Health information as provided by GPs and nurses during consultations”
  • Please Offer Me a Seat 
         An initiative by Transport for London to help those with hidden disabilities to get a seat on public transport
























General Cardiovascular   


  Atrial Fibrillation and Other Arrhythmias   


Blood Pressure   




Congenital Heart Disease   



  • Diabetes UK
          Advice and support for patients with diabetes    
  • Dr Richard Sheaves
          An excellent source of information written by our colleague Dr Richard Sheaves, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology  


Diet and lifestyle advice   




POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)   



  • Stroke Association
          A UK charity funding research into prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of stroke    
  • Different Strokes
          A UK charity for younger stroke victims    
  • UK Stroke Forum
          An organisation committed to improving stroke care in the UK  


Your Opinion Counts 

  • iWantGreatCare
          An opportunity to share experiences about doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies    
  • Private Patients Forum 
          A forum for patients treated in the private sector


Local Hospitals and Investigation Units   


National Guidelines   

  • The British Cardiovascular Society
          Education and support for those working in cardiovascular medicine    
  • Care Quality Commission
          The body responsible for care standards in the UK    
  • Department of Health
          The Government department for improving health and wellbeing in England    
  • DVLA
          Useful guidance on driving and cardiovascular problems      
  • NICE
          The UK healthcare watchdog  


Private Health Insurers

Please contact your insurer for a pre-authorisation code or claim number prior to each consultation, test or procedure. 


We would like to acknowledge Jona Markgraf's artistic talent in producing some of the more descriptive images of the heart for this site.


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