Twice-yearly injection could replace daily blood pressure pills

Syringe and Pills

According the British Heart Foundation around 15 million people in the UK have high blood pressure, and of those, at least half are not receiving effective treatment. Given that 50% of all heart attacks and strokes in the UK are associated with high blood pressure, the importance of achieving consistently optimal blood pressure control cannot be underestimated.

A recent trial of the drug zilebesiran, delivered by injection rather than in tablet form, showed a reduction in blood pressure of 10-20 mmHg, and the effect lasted for up to six months. Although at the moment the drug is still the subject of clinical trials, this is an exciting development in the treatment of hypertension, and may prove particularly beneficial in patients who forget to take their medication every day, or in those who simply do not like taking tablets.

To read a summary of the findings so far, please click here.

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