Perhaps it’s not all in the timing after all…

Time to Take a Pill Clock Face with Colorful Pills. 3D Render

Back in December 2019 we were very excited by the results of the Hygia Chronotherapy Trial, which suggested that taking blood pressure medication in the evening instead of the morning led to better blood pressure control, and, better still, a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

However, a more recent study, the Treatment in Morning versus Evening (TIME) trial, has unfortunately demonstrated no benefit to taking blood pressure medication in the evening on cardiovascular outcomes such as heart attack and stroke.

Nonetheless some patients are still encouraged to take their tablets in the evening to help smooth their overall 24 hour blood pressure profile and ensure that they achieve a nocturnal dip. Blood pressure should fall by 10 to 15% during sleep, and absence of this nocturnal dip is associated with a greater cardiovascular risk.

If you are not sure about when you should be taking your medication, your doctor or pharmacist will be able to help.

For the full report on the TIME study, please click here

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