Young woman enjoying a cigarette outdoors holding it between her fingers, low angle view against the chest of a warm autumn jacket in a smoking and tobacco concept

If you have ever thought about quitting smoking, why not sign up to Stoptober?

Research has shown that if a person can stop smoking for 28 consecutive days, they are 5 times more likely to give it up for good.

When it comes to smoking and the heart, there is really nothing positive to say – as well as increasing heart rate and blood pressure immediately, over time the chemicals in cigarettes make the walls of the arteries sticky, causing fatty deposits to stick to the walls, dramatically increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

After one year smoke-free a person’s risk of a heart attack or stroke is half that of a smoker’s, so there is definite benefit to giving up at any age.

The Stoptober campaign has many methods of engagement from an app, to daily motivational emails, to a Facebook group with tips on how to quit and support to keep it up. Visit the Stoptober website by clicking here to get started – both your body and bank balance will thank you in the long term!

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