Driving and the heart

In this day and age driving becomes second nature to most of us from our late teens onwards, and many drivers would struggle to envisage a life without their car. When illness strikes often the furthest thing from a patient’s mind is whether or not they are fit to drive in the eyes of the

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A bitter pill to swallow?

Have you ever looked at a tablet and thought it was too big to swallow whole and that cutting it in half would do no harm? Or crushed a pill and mixed it with something tasty to make it easier to swallow? This would seem like a very reasonable thing to do, and indeed a

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Energy drinks – friend or foe?

Energy drinks were first developed by a pharmaceutical company in Japan in 1962 to keep their staff alert and thereby facilitate longer working hours. An Austrian businessman on a trip to Asia in the 1980s realised that there was a gap in the European market for similar products and promptly established the company Red Bull,

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Coffee and the cardiovascular system

There is no doubt about it; we are a nation of coffee lovers. It is estimated that we drink an average of 95 million cups per day in the UK, and that coffee contribute £17.7 billion to the UK economy every year. Second only to water as the world’s leading beverage, it is important to

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Why don’t we like taking pills?

Statins are the most prescribed drugs in the UK, and little wonder when, if taken correctly, they can be associated with a 50% reduction in the risk of heart attack or stroke over a patient’s lifetime. Like many other cardiovascular drugs, this medication should be taken for life, but studies have shown that only about

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